Sugar beet harvest in the area should be complete by the end of this week. Duane Peters, agricultural manager at Sidney Sugars, reported on Monday morning that harvest was 95 percent done.

“The factory should be complete by Friday, depending on weather,” Peters said. “I want to be done by Thursday if at all possible.”

The main weather challenge recently has been wind. Harvest has closed down three times because of strong gusts.

As of Monday, the substations in Culbertson and Pleasant View were complete. There were still 500 acres out in Sugar Valley, 200 acres for the factory, 30 acres in Savage and 40 acres in Powder River.

Peters said tonnage stands at 31.3 tons and sugar content percentage is now at 17.95 percent. “We’re really happy about that,” Peters said of the sugar content percentage.

He noted that because of the heat this summer, some fields were pretty sandy and had gravel. “We just couldn’t keep the fields wet enough,” Peters said.

But, overall, it appears to be another solid crop for the MonDak region. “Everything is looking good,” Peters said. “The factory is running great.”

Sugar Beet News |
via Sidney Herald
October 25, 2017 at 08:19AM